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We founded Eco Logic Pool Service, LLC, in Tallahassee FL, in order to provide community pool and spa owners with an affordable, efficient, and environmentally-conscious pool service.

Our Mission: To provide our customers with the service and equipment they need to be responsible pool owners. Through the use of the latest technology and eco-friendly maintenance practices, we help our customers reduce their environmental impact and operating costs.

Our Commitment: To preserve Florida’s natural resources through a corporate philosophy dedicated to providing sustainable pool contracting, servicing, and maintenance practices. Our cutting-edge methods will serve as a model for other industry leaders throughout Florida.

Eco Logic Pool’s core values—corporate responsibility and community service—are the keystones of our major corporate initiatives. These initiatives include paperless invoice and payment processing, eliminating or reducing job-site waste, and re-cycling all materials.

We would love to know your thoughts regarding conservation, pool care, or our company. Feel free to contact us, or use the link below to post a comment or question on our Facebook page.

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FL LIC# CPC1458311; Hire Florida’s LICENSED Contractors!

Last updated December 2012

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